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One of the key factors in starting your own business is the level of involvement of any government in providing enough opportunity to get into, stay, and grow as a business. In order to get the basis for understanding governments involvement in business, we first need to understand the differing types of governments. Here’s a short video of the makeup of governments. The intent is to show where government is in the lives of it’s citizens.

So, based on the video, it’s the AMOUNT of government involved in the citizen’s daily lives that determines how much growth of income and wealth it’s citizens enjoy.

Bottom line: government is a consumer of it’s citizen’s wealth, not a producer of wealth!!

Less government, more wealth, more government, less wealth to go around. To see what various tax rates the US has used in the past refer to this link to see from 1913 to today’s rates on US citizens.

But in order to have a free and wealthy citizenry you need to have a strong moral code that everyone follows. Economics and government built on a strong moral foundation. If you do not have a strong moral foundation, they the economics and government fall and so does the country.

The less moral a country is, the more legal it gets to cover all of the problem immoral people create.

If you want to know how much government is involved in business, start one up and see how much paperwork you have to comply with. And, of the amount of paperwork that you have to comply with, how much does it take away from you trying to earn a living?

So, how much government is too much? Too little?

Did you know that the IRS tax code is now approaching over 70,000 pages!!!

Who is getting the special interest? Those that pay lobbyists. If we were to go to a Fairtax.org so that all taxes are collected the the POS (Point Of Sale) then no longer would we have to fill out forms for the IRS. That means you still pay your taxes, but you don’t spend as much time complying with all of the paperwork.

Something to think about.


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