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After reading this web site/blog I thought I’d point some things out to people who do orĀ want to do marketing on their Mac. Now he pointed out Windows software, I’ll show the Mac equivalents, if needed.

  • Camstudio (Win); Copernicus (Mac) – records your screen, but the Mac software only does the screen, not audio. But, you can use Garageband to record the video and use iMovie to combine them, if you feel the need.
  • Audacity (Win/Mac); Garageband (Mac, bundled with iLife ’09 on every new Mac) – edit your audio files
  • GIMP (Win/Mac) – Photoshop-like application. As one professional photographer stated to me about using it, “if there is one tool that GIMP has that Photoshop does not, I’ll use it.”
  • Kompozer (Win/Mac); iWeb (part of iLife ’09) – create web pages. If you’re doing larger and more complex web site, use something else.
  • ManyCam (Win/Mac) – allows you to spice up your screen recordings.

There you have free Mac software to help with your marketing.


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