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IMG_1284You often hear, “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.” But I always look past the first and look at a businesses LAST impression they made on me, I look at the complete experience. Everyone can have a bad day, even a bad week, so it’s a matter of allowing others the flexibility that life does happen.

My wife and I went to the Stapleton farmers market a few weeks ago and we purchased a few things, but what struck me was the differences between how these businesses  interacted with us and the crowd that were mingling around their booths and trucks. I watched their marketing and salesmanship, how they attract me as a customer and how they interact with me, and in one case the differences were night and day.

When I look at companies in my mentoring and consulting work, I look from end-to-end and how they operate their business, from the product, marketing, sales, operations, even down to the last time I interact with them. It’s not just the FIRST impression, it’s also my LAST impression. It is my LAST impression that tells me either, “Thanks for spending your money at my business, now get out of the way and let me get back to making money,” or, “Thank you for shopping at our business, is there anything else I can do for you? If not, thank you for your business and let us know how we can better serve you!” Please come back and visit us soon!”

1. The first company is the Denver Biscuit Company that has two locations, but they had a truck at the farmers market and since my wife and I have never tried their food, we thought we’d give it a go. Walking up to the window in the truck the VERY first thing said to me is, “What can I start for you today?!”

WOW! What an absolutely awesome opening line for them. They not only ask what do I want, but more importantly, it sets expectations right from the get go that each order is unique and individually prepared. And it did not end there.

After the gentleman took my order, I make a positive comment that I thought his salesmanship with his opening question was superb, right on the money and I thanked him for his thoughtfulness regarding how he interacted with me. He thanked me and then reached out and handed me a “business card” that had the chef’s name, Richard Gratzmiller, on it, but even more important, a detachable “coupon” for a free biscuit!

Awesomesauce!! What he did was create loyalty with me about his company, not only were his biscuits “off the hook,” but so was the interaction with me as their customer. Now THIS is how to interact with customers.

2. Now, the second company, a company that sold all sorts of breads and pastries, I can’t mention their name or web address. Why? Because they had NO marketing materials. None. The bread we purchased was absolutely out of this world and the owner told and sold us on exactly what we tasted. We loved it. So, we were both excited after eating it that we would look up this company so we could purchase again. We went looking, dug out the bag to see if we could find out more information.

NOTHING! We checked the bag the bread came in. No markings on the bag itself like you see Target and Wal-Mart bags have. Not even a computer printed label with their name, address or web address. We checked IN the bag, maybe she put some marketing material in the bad for us to look at? Nope. Nada. Not even a business card.

So, you tell me, what should this second company have done to help better sell her product to her customers, I’d be interested in your reactions? What simple things could she have done to make me want to come back?


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