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Hey all,

I’d like to discuss the subject of entrepreneurship, but in order to discuss it I need to preface it with a video. Watch the “Gumball Presentation” and then we’ll talk.

Now when you watch the video, what is your first response to the number he talks about? I believe in entrepreneurship and opportunity, but based on the numbers he shows, we can’t afford it, we have to export it!!

What do I mean by exporting entrepreneurship? It comes in threes steps:

  • Limit immigration numbers
  • Export ideas about entrepreneurship to other countries
  • Get other countries to establish pro business growth policies

Why is this so important? Because the US can not afford to keep bringing in more immigrants, since we can’t we need to help those in other countries with their “sweat equity” in building their own countries up and becoming economically viable. So what countries have some of the fastest growth rates? Take a look at  List of countries by GDP (real) growth rate and see which ones we should look for.

So based on the map which countries should we be following with our government policies? Even with a world wide recession, only pro business growth policies will dig us out of this recession, not more government control.

What are your thoughts?


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