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As one in the process of finishing up writing two books and beginning a third one one of the factors that most people may not realize about being an author/writer is that you become an entrepreneur of content, your content. What is an entrepreneur of content?

As a good writer’s coach, Otti Seiden stated that most authors need to consider that their books are not works of art, and unless you can really write at that level such as Steinbeck or Daniel Steele. It’s a matter of just writing toward your audience whoever they are . His comment is very appropriate for the average author, but more importantly it frees them up to write their thoughts anyway.

But while most writers want to write and in some cases ONLY write, they’re missing the rest of their potential income by not considering that writing, other than the enjoyment of it, is conveying information to your audience and customers. As a writer, and hopefully a published author, you have to consider that you’re in the business of being an entrepreneur of your content.

So, if you’re an aspiring writer, hopefully to get published, and then to sell your books that there three different processes at work:

  • Process of writing your book or books
  • Process of publishing your book
  • Process of marketing your book
  • Process of managing your content into more books, online, eBooks, etc

There you have it. It’s all about your content.

So, think of more than the words that you’re writing, think about promoting and making money with the words.


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