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You can tell the difference between an “entrepreneur’s mind” and a “consumer’s mind” when someone receives something from someone: an entrepreneur says “How can I get value out of what I’ve been given” versus a consumer “What value did I get.”

What’s the difference?

Can you tell the difference?

If I hand a rock to someone that is an entrepreneur they think “how can I add value to this and sell it” while the consumer only see what is given them, a rock.

But a thinker is one that also says “How can I add value to the rock I’ve been given for myself, to improve my life.” A business person says, “How can I add value to make my customer’s life better for it?”

In my upcoming book I have a quote:

As a teenager, Uncle Glenn pointed to a rusted piece of metal near his workshop and asked me what I saw. “A piece of junk,” I said. He said, “That is potential to me. I can mill off the rust and make that into something else, then sell it at a profit.”

Your thoughts?


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