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Too often entrepreneurs consider that they have to buy the most popular or most expensive products in order to produce marketing pieces for their customers. Well here are two solutions that are FREE to download and try out. As a small business photographer stated to me once, if the free programs do some things that others don’t then why not install them on your computer.

SCRIBUS: If you want to do some nice desktop publishing (DTP) for a small number of projects and do NOT want to spend ANY money on anything, download Scribus, a small DTP software that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

OPEN OFFICE: Another solution office solution that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux is Open Office that could almost be compared to MS Office.

What is nice about the applications is that you can tell others about these and share documents back and forth with little problems and not be worried about whether they will work or not. It makes collaboration much easier and at a cost that is great for any start up business.


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