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For those that use CRM software packages such as Daylite can now get the newest version from MarketCircle and install it if they own a current version of Daylite. What is interesting for those of us that get to know the “under the hood” aspects of software is that MarketCircle dropped the OpenBase database and discuss why they went with PostgreSQL as the database driving Daylite. All good reason from a user and developer perspectives.

Using Daylite 3.9 on a Mac is great, but if you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch you can now share the data on your Mac via 3G, Edge, and WiFi network connections or sync through your Mac. You have a choice of either syncing via iTunes for those less than “up to the minute” updates of your contact information or through Apple’s MobileMe for those “need it now” types of updates. Using the iTunes sync means that you have to connect to your Mac and “manually” sync your information.

Keep in mind that Daylite is a “server” and requires a central “server” that the database is hosted on and other Macs and iPhones and Touches access this “server” with any changes.

One of the reasons why you may want to do things manually is if you need to be careful as to the changes you make to your database. It allows you to put some thought into your changes. If you went with the MobileMe approach any mistakes will be gone and will require some effort to restore any mistakes.

Where Daylite fits is the 1-50 employees in your small company and provides an “end to end” approach to keeping your critical information up to date. Daylite is a very powerful database and allows for many ways of keeping track of your business contacts. It even has some of the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology in it.

If you intend to use multiple users or the iPhone or Touch you’ll be required to pay $49/year/license, i.e. for each iPhone or Touch you’ll pay the $49 per year and install the Daylite Server software versus just the single license. For those that are price conscious or that do not travel much beyond their business or don’t require quick updates, you may not want to update to the $49 license update because of the costs. But for those that want the productivity and opportunity to keep things “up to the minute,” then by all means chalk it up as a sale for MarketCircle.


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