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Social Entrepreneurship: Helping India’s poorest

One of the facts that most entrepreneurs realize is we’re about solving people’s problems. A significant point in entrepreneurship is social entrepreneurship: Helping those with simple solutions that make a BIG impact on their lives.

As I have mentioned before in another blog post regarding Startup Entrepreneur for the Poor: Liter of Light sometimes the simple solutions affect more people that complex or complicated ones.

Here is another example showing that “certificates” or “degrees” from “approved” colleges and universities may be overkill for solving problems as the principles are the same. Failing to understand how a cell phone works does not stop me from using it much like these people solving their own problems

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Revealed: 21 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read by VCs and Founders

There’s a saying: Earners are learners. As an entrepreneur you have to continually learn new things about yourself, your market, your competitor, and various others aspects of life.

Here’s a list of more books to read by Venture Capitalists and Founders of companies that affected how they see markets and starting a business that has listed Founders And VCs Reveal 21 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read.

Here’s the list:

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Tribute to Steve Jobs – One More Thing

I was on my way home from a local high school curriculum meeting discussing how the high school can best prepare kids for the working world. What would we expect from them, what should they know? I left the meeting after discussing the need to teach kids entrepreneurship, the business of their craft, on par with teaching them their craft, what they love to do and have the talent to do. As I left the meeting I called my wife to let her know that I was on my way to meet her and when I asked her how she was doing, she said, “I sad.” Or more appropriate, iSad.

Hearing her sadness in her voice I asked, “Why are you sad, Sweetie?” Then she said, “Steve Jobs had died!”

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