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Monday Motivations for MacStartups 12

For those that don’t know my story, here’s an interview I did with an author, Morgen Bailey, in the United Kingdom about how I got started writing my book and my blog. As you’ll see, we all take different paths to get where we are today and sometimes the myths and gossip of what happens creates a fog around the truth of what really takes place.

So, read what transpired for me to take up writing a book.

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Startup’s view of organic gardening and what was learned

The ethics of being a startup entrepreneur is about doing good for both you and your customer. Sort of like a business doctor: Doing no harm to your customers with your products and services. One of the things about businesses is when you’re doing the right thing you and your customer BOTH make things better. Well, here’s a story about someone that is using organic farming which actually makes doing a garden, using the right techniques, that you’ll actually be healthier because of the techniques used by Paul Gautschi.

If you watch Paul’s gardening techniques, you’ll be amazed at how simple things make a BIG difference. Watch and learn.

So, here’s the answer to our food situation.

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