Monthly Archives: April 2010

What other fonts go with Helvetica?

When you become an entrepreneur and startup you’re always finding answers to problems or issues and not have to spend any money. Well, one of the issues surrounding your marketing is which fonts go well with one another? Sort of like which wine goes with what meat?

Here’s an expert typographer Indra Kupferschmid gives you the answer to what other fonts go with Helvetica.

History: Typesetting circa 1910 at the US Government printing office.

TED Talk Cameron Herold: Teaching kids Entrepreneurship

As a budding entrepreneur and startup I’m finding that Cameron Herold’s talk about kids in school being “forced” into a schools approach to work is killing the spirit of some kids.

Cameron Herold talk, “Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs,” goes into what should be done rather than handing out drugs to “calm kids” down.

As many alternative schools that there are you’d think that schools would begin seeing who their customers are, beginning entrepreneurs is another form of schooling.

What  are your thoughts?

Customer service: Is Harvard Business Review or Success Magazine better?

There’s always the opportunity of a startup and entrepreneur to see what is best and to emulate the best to keep up with your competition. But how does Harvard Business Review and Success Magazine do with their customer service?

In the blog post  “Which is better: Harvard Business Review vs Success Magazine” you get a good idea which is the better from the customer’s perspective. And it’s not pretty, even though the content are both equally good.

And for one good last measure, Harvard Business Review costs $79 a year for their subscription and Success Magazine costs $24 a year.

Which one would you choose?