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Saw this web site and thought it was a great idea to brainstorm any graphic ideas that you are looking for for your small business. provides you the capability to hire new talent and get multiple inputs to design logos and web sites for most anything graphically created.

Cool idea for all involved


Crowdspring: getting lots of graphic ideas from the world — 1 Comment

  1. Kevin – thanks so much for mentioning crowdSPRING! Nearly 11,000 creatives from 130+ countries are working on crowdSPRING and helping small businesses and startups with creative needs – including logo, website, blog design, marketing materials, advertisements, brochures, etc. We offer buyers a guarantee that they’ll get at least 25 entries to their project or their money back, and we offer numerous protections, including free customized legal agreements for the purchase of intellectual property on crowdSPRING.

    On crowdSPRING, you chose from among actual designs to your specifications, rather than from among bids and proposals. We invite all your readers to take a look.


    Ross Kimbarovsky

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