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Here’s an interesting article “College: most expensive than ever”, as if it’s the availability of money that is the problem. Has anyone looked at the what you get for what you pay for? Does that mean that book stores can’t supply a “college level” degree of experience at a less costly way or getting a “degree”? How about your local public library, or better yet, get a “library card” from your local community college and digest the books from there. But what is the difference between college and books from Amazon.com or your local Barnes and Noble.

College is more for those that want to work for others and less for entrepreneurship because universities and colleges offer far fewer courses for entrepreneurship. While ┬ábecoming a doctor, lawyer, biologist, or writer means you can learn at college, it does not stop you from learning on your own about starting your own business and getting the “school of hard knocks” experience rather than grades from teacher. But where are most of the jobs created? In small businesses. School will give you a head full of knowledge, not nearly the experience of failing in real life.

So, you can go to college if you want to, I have, but now that I’ve been I’ve learned more from “life” than I did at college.

It’s all about reading and learning, never about college.

For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head. Benjamin Franklin


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