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What’s in your entrepreneur backpack?

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently GIZMODO had a post The Amazing Contents of Steve Wozniak’s Travel Backpack and it outlines what Steve Wozniak carries in his backpack. His backpack weighs in at around a hefty 50 lbs and contains a number electronic gadgets which he says are all used, except for maybe the bluetooth mouse.

Based on his list, that’s a ton of stuff, but then he’s a true road warrior, travels a lot, so it’s essential for him to carry the gadgets, but it’s not for me.

So with his example, here is what I carry in my Swiss Army MacBook Pro laptop backpack:

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“Sleep spots” for startups to attend Expos and Events

As a startup entrepreneur you want to keep your costs low, reallly low, or just reallly, really low.

Well, there’s a new “sleep spot” for startups that allows you to rent a room just about anywhere. Better than a flop house, but probably less than a hotel or motel. It’s and you can rent a bedroom or a space on the floor, nightly, from real people. And what a great way to network with other small businesses.

You can hear Brian Chesky of AirBnB and their startup story at web site, or watch below.

Watch live video from Startup School on



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Free WiFi Hotspots for your laptop

If you want to know what FREE WiFi hotspots are around, check out Free WiFi Hotspots and take a look around. You’ll also be supporting small businesses instead of like Starbucks.

If you really want to get a little scared and find others that are available, check out for others, maybe including your own wifi hotspot showing up.

A slight diversion, “” web site

Just heard about web site, sounds interesting for sure. Needs a few moments to take a break, take a look at the web site. I’ll be checking it out later.

What is it? As the web site states “The Moth, a not-for-profit storytelling organization, was founded in New York in 1997 by poet and novelist George Dawes Green, who wanted to recreate in New York the feeling of sultry summer evenings on his native St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, where he and a small circle of friends would gather to spin spellbinding tales on his friend Wanda’s porch.”


Traveling iPhone tip: Google Maps finds local restaurants, hotels, etc

One of the nice things about the iPhone is the Maps app by Google. Having recently moved I wanted to know about specific places that were around a certain area that the AroundMe app could not do. Well, I moved the map to the location that I wanted to find some restaurants and then under the search box typed in “restaurants” and hit the Search button. Lo and behold, it showed me all of them in the local area. I then typed in “hotel” and again it showed what was there.

The nice thing about this feature is that if you are traveling it is nice to be able to see what is where you want to go without having to look it up the “old fashion” way, via a telephone book.

Using Google Maps on your computer does the same thing. Sweet!!

Own a laptop? Suggested steps to keep your digital life safe.

This is the first time that I have owned a laptop while my wife has owned three laptops, one Windows, and two Macs (iBook and now a MacBook Pro). Here are some great tips on what to do to prevent your laptop from being stolen and keep your business running, or called business continuity in biz circles.

In the article “What I Learned from Having My Laptop Stolen” Dave Blatner goes into much detail and experience to what it took to keep his stuff much safer and the potential to getting his stuff back from the thief.

Good stuff to follow.