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Three More Testimonials

Testimonial letter from Henry Scadding (1883)

Testimonial letter from Henry Scadding (1883) (Photo credit: Toronto Public Library Special Collections)

One of the factors of any entrepreneur starting a business is getting testimonials, those comments from customers that tell others of the value of your work.

What most budding entrepreneurs do not understand is that the relationship between both business and their customer and vendors is essential, and missing this vital aspect of building a business becomes missed opportunities for future business and growth.

Too often budding entrepreneurs act like sponges, willing to take as much free stuff as possible with little to give back or share. One of the simplest acts to get noticed for your business is….

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Solving problems of WWII bombers

Abraham Wald, in his youth

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Startup entrepreneurs solve problems and get paid for their solutions. But when analyzing a problem, ensure you have the right solution based on the data you collect.

During WWII, Allied bomber losses were high, so high that the British Air Ministry undertook a rigorous analysis in hopes of finding a solution. Their engineers set out to examine every bomber they could, gathering data on each bullet hole. After analyzing the results, engineers decided to reinforce the areas that had the highest concentrations of holes with armor plating.

It didn’t work.

Perplexed, the engineers assumed that the extra plating had made the planes too heavy, and that the difficulty in handling the planes was offsetting the protection of the armor plating.

Enter Abraham Wald.

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Personalized MEdia Conference, June 20-21, Boulder, CO

I’ll be attending the Personlize Media Conference at the Chautauqua in Boulder, CO on June 20-21, 2011.

The Agenda covers:

It should be a good conference, I’ll blog about it when I’m done. Change is all around and this conference will be a part of that change with technology being at the forefront of media and content.

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“Sleep spots” for startups to attend Expos and Events

As a startup entrepreneur you want to keep your costs low, reallly low, or just reallly, really low.

Well, there’s a new “sleep spot” for startups that allows you to rent a room just about anywhere. Better than a flop house, but probably less than a hotel or motel. It’s and you can rent a bedroom or a space on the floor, nightly, from real people. And what a great way to network with other small businesses.

You can hear Brian Chesky of AirBnB and their startup story at web site, or watch below.

Watch live video from Startup School on



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T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive

T. Harv Eker speaks at a Millionaire Mind Inte...

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Have you ever had wondered how others become financially free, rich, or even wealthy? Well, the start of anything begins with you and how you view money. Both my wife and I attended T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive, a three day conference which outlines why others are successful and others are not. Bottom line: It was life changing!

If you’re open to learn how to become more successful, attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive to register for the course.

You’ll be glad you did. Both my wife and I are glad we did.

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