Low job prospects presses individuals into entrepreneurship

Is this the new economy reality? Read this article post from Impact Labs entitled Jobs of the Future Will Not Support Basic Standard of Living in U.S., it’ll make you think. As the economy limps along and long term prospects … Continue reading →

“Sleep spots” for startups to attend Expos and Events

As a startup entrepreneur you want to keep your costs low, reallly low, or just reallly, really low. Well, there’s a new “sleep spot” for startups that allows you to rent a room just about anywhere. Better than a flop … Continue reading →

Funding a Startup: Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and the like

Getting money to fund a startup takes guts. Guts to begin a startup and guts to find money to fund your startup. There is a difference between funding a dog sitting business, which could mean less than $500 versus finding … Continue reading →

BlogTalkRadio/SoloTalk, Donna Amos, Mar 11, 12 Noon EST

I have another interview with BlogTalkRadio, this time with Donna Amos on her BlogTalkRadio/SoloTalk show¬†about things which I like to talk about, Macs and entrepreneurs. Here’s Donna’s pitch: Helping solopreneurs grow their businesses with tips and resources from the experiences … Continue reading →