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Seth Godin on failing until you succeed

You know, we’ve been brainwashed at school, at our jobs, at companies we’ve worked for. Now it’s time to man up/woman up and become something bigger and better for 2014. Listen to Seth Godin as he tells what we are up against in this new century, that there is more opportunity than ever to do what you love to do. But, you have to open your eyes, your minds, and look for the opportunities to be, do, and accomplish more.

Now is the time, now is the chance to make your own history. Watch and learn.

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Tale of the Slave, or the Sliding Scale of Statism

When someone wants to start a business and become an entrepreneur, there are a number of things that go through their head, the least of which is: What portion of my labor will or must the state take?

An interesting take is when one looks at slavery, where the Master takes 100% of the labor of an individual to do with the production as the Master sees fit.

Here’s an interesting video explaining this issue.

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Ethics of the Entrepreneur

Here’s a great video regarding entrepreneurship.

Israel Kirzner is an Austrian economist and one of the world’s foremost experts on Ludwig von Mises’s methodology and thought.

In this lecture given at a seminar in Aix-en-Provence, France in 1993, Kirzner talks about ethics, entrepreneurship, and how wealth is created in society. He also describes the distinction he made between two kinds of ignorance: ignorance of specific knowledge but having the knowledge of how specific knowledge may be obtained, and sheer ignorance — not knowing how to access specific knowledge because we don’t know what we don’t know. Kirzner says that sheer ignorance requires an entrepreneurial role to overcome it, which allows entrepreneurs to discover demand for products and services that consumers didn’t even know they needed or wanted. Watch the video below.

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Lakewood High School, Paul Ryan Event

I attended the Paul Ryan rally at Lakewood High School in CO and was hoping to meet up with some friends, but alas, wearing my NRA hat did not stand out enough for them in a crowd of about 1,800 (the local cop relayed this info to me) to find me.

I was hoping that I could share a bit with some friends about our US history that teachers fail to teach¬†in schools as “lessons learned” and to “not do that again.” But it is ignored and rewritten to fit certain ideological bents by liberal colleges and universities.

But, I did get stopped by others that wanted to know my thoughts to their questions, but not to solve our country’s problems, to find that 5-10 second sound bite, but not the solutions. Who were they and why did they stop me?

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The Rule of law, food trucks, and customers

I posted the blog because I wanted to showcase how laws affect both businesses and customers.

We in the US started out being run by rule of law, a Republic, not a Democracy, and we’re still a Republic, although somewhat watered down some in the last number of decades. If you don’t agree, then refer to this 10 minute video titled The American form of government¬†explaining the different forms of government. The rule of law affects businesses, both startups and established businesses, as well as customer behaviors.

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