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I’m writing a new book for Entrepreneurs

Well, been a while since I posted, so here is what I have been up to: I’ve been hard at work writing a new book about entrepreneurship, but this time the content is a little different. Having talked with a number of home schoolers, Christians and Jews I have found a dearth of entrepreneurial content for Christians to start their own businesses. In talking with a number of my Jewish friends it’s as if they have a “business gene” in them, but in reality they’ve been taught from the earliest of ages about money, serving your fellow man through a business, and stick-to-itiveness compared with some Christians that I have associated with.

That’s changing now.

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Attended a local school board for a charter school

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I just got back from a charter school presentation in my local Public School system. It seems like that were a few “plants” in the crowd, and I don’t use the political term here, although it could apply because I was not able to find out where some of them worked and why they asked such poor questions of the potential school board. But the “plants” I’m referring to are those individuals who are mentally “planted” in one place and do NOT want to move. They refused to change, to improve, to do better than what is currently happening.

Why do I consider the parents questions poor and while the “plants” need to drop a few new seeds on the ground and let these new seeds sprout? Well, let’s allow Steve Jobs give an answer to what I saw.

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LMGTFY = Let Me Google That For You

Have you ever been online or on Facebook and someone asks a question of you and you have this SMH (Smack My Head) moment and wonder: “You mean with the best search engine in the world, Google, and you want ME to look it up for you?”

I now use LMGTFY = Let Me Google That For You when I’m online and they always ask, “What’s that?”

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Monday Motivation: Perfect practice makes perfect

Here’s a 6:14 minute video about being motivated. It’s not about practice makes perfect, because you can do wrong things and practice them until you’re perfect at doing wrong things. You must learn what are the great attributes and elements to doing a great job and then practice them until you’re perfect.  You must practice perfect things to make perfect.

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Is spending $200,000 getting you a quality education?

After I finished my Master degree my father said I needed to go after my Ph.D. I said, “No thanks, too much theory and not enough action.”

My dad was disappointed, for sure, but not getting a Ph.D. has not stopped my from learning and getting more education from books and mentoring from experts.

So, when I saw this video about getting an education and what a college graduate gets for their $200,000 debt, I thought I have to share this with others.

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Summer jobs for kids: Start a Business

Are your kids bored? Is it difficult for your kids to get a job in today’s economy?

Think outside the box, have them start a business. Think work, not job.

There is nothing like teaching kids about the value of money, taking responsibility, and serving others with their ideas that have been converted into products and services.

Here are some suggestions.

This is a start, so see if your kids can make some money and learn about life.

If you don’t  believe it can be done, just take a look at BusinessInsider’s These 10 Pre-Teen Entrepreneurs Make Millions More Than Their Parents. They make more than their parents, but their parents supported them.

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Has higher education lost its luster?

I got a Masters degree back in 1994 because “it was the thing to do” and that’s what large corporations were looking for, “educational credentials,” to see if you were “qualified” for the job in this critical area. However, what is happening in reality?

Education tuition at schools are costly, my own CU Boulder in state tuition costs around $2,000-$7,000 per semester just for tuition and fees (graduate school costs around the same). That’s around $28,000 full time for a two year program “Associate” degree and $56,000 for a Bachelor’s degree. And if you get a Masters, add another $28,000 to your debt.

Read this article, Faulty Towers: The Crises in Higher Education at The and see what you think.

But when I wrote to arrange the introduction [for a potential graduate student with a professor], he refused to even meet with her. “I won’t talk to students about graduate school anymore,” he explained. “Going to grad school’s a suicide mission.”

Could you take the same money ($28k, $56k, or even $84k) and time and start your own business? I’ve read that others have started a business for under $1,000. You could take that amount of money and live off of it and work all the hours you want to get it started. Parents, have you thought of this idea? Instead of college, starting a business?

Even when I attended graduate school in the 1990s the same issue was applicable then as it is now: Academia is all about theory, not about the practical application. How does one apply the theory in the real world?

For my money today, it’s better just to start your own business and calculate the “costs” of failure as your “grades.”

Besides, both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never finished college and look where they are. But then again, they get invited to colleges to talk about their successes to students that are there to learn.

Update 5/23/2011: Read this article I Want a Refund! Grads Who Would Return Their Degree by the Yes, grads would return their degree for a refund.

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