Motivating others: “Caught Ya” or “Gotcha”? Who would you work for?

I’ve been reading how people, leaders, managers, parents and others motivate others to get what they need from those that they work with and there are two focuses that each entrepreneur needs to consider while embarking on building their business. … Continue reading →

Daylite 3.9 and Daylite Touch now available:

For those that use CRM software packages such as Daylite can now get the newest version from MarketCircle and install it if they own a current version of Daylite. What is interesting for those of us that get to know … Continue reading →

Firm saves $70K by moving to Macs and using Basecamp

Yep, you read that right. In the blog by Pajama Entrepreneur you can read about what they did. They tossed Microsoft out the door and went with BaseCamp software by 37Signals. Apple profiled the company Quist Valuation from Denver/Boulder (actually … Continue reading →