Entrepreneurial competitiveness: “The Will to…”

As an entrepreneur using a Mac there is a certain amount of competitiveness in all of us, some more than others. Others, much, much more. Still others add paranoia to their competitiveness, such as Al “Chainsaw Al” Dunlap who drove … Continue reading →

Work and music: conversations between you, customers and fans.

As an entrepreneur, I look for ideas that make sense to me and try and find sense out of what I read. After reading a blog post by Derek Sivers called Valuable to others, or only to you? about making … Continue reading →

The History of Nikola Tesla – a Short Story

We all know of Thomas Edison, but most are not aware of Nikola Tesla. Here’s a short video about who he was. The History of Nikola Tesla – a Short Story Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. … Continue reading →

4 Steps: Finding yourself, finding a job, finding work, and finding a market.

I was at a friend of my fathers the other day for dinner with the rest of his friends and they were making some comments about kids moving back home. Their comments were typical of “parental units,” they jokingly said … Continue reading →