BlogTalkRadio/SoloTalk, Donna Amos, Mar 11, 12 Noon EST

I have another interview with BlogTalkRadio, this time with Donna Amos on her BlogTalkRadio/SoloTalk show¬†about things which I like to talk about, Macs and entrepreneurs. Here’s Donna’s pitch: Helping solopreneurs grow their businesses with tips and resources from the experiences … Continue reading →

10 Steps to Start a Mac Business

When it comes to an idea to start a business, even start a Mac business, the first step is the idea of starting a business. Usually the idea comes from a number of perspectives or reasons: seeing an idea that … Continue reading →

4 Laws of Business and iCal: Law of Activity, Action, Averages, and All

When it comes to being an entrepreneur and doing the startup thing nearly everyone needs a computer, in my case I use a Mac. Although, for the record, I’ve used Windows and Linux in my day I much prefer a … Continue reading →

Getting results means understanding the process. Macs Win!!

Entrepreneurs look for results and using a Mac can increase the results you want. Why? Because it takes less time to get things done than other ways. Process and Results Defined. There are two components of each result: Process – … Continue reading →