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When is great advice really great advice?

I was recently at some very active training with a high performance level individual, meaning, he is VERY well known in his area of expertise. Dale Comstock: American Badass. Nationally known. He told us what he wanted us to do, then he showed us or demonstrated what he wanted us to do. But in all reality, these two steps were only half the problem.

While he was giving good advice, I did not take a small portion of what to change because of previous training I had had, i.e. he did not give me a good enough reason to change. However, I did listen and learn from him what he taught.

But what was the problem?

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FREE MacStartup Seminar Aug 18th and 20th

Do you have a Mac and want to make some money? Do you have skills or talents that are underutilized? Are you just itching to do something more with your life?

I’m putting on a FREE Hour Seminar for those that have Macs that are considering starting their own business. From your “idea” to your “Grand Opening” I will walk you through the necessary steps to get started. I will cover:

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i.Business Magazine selects Kevin Cullis’s “10 Steps to a Mac paperless business”

i.Business magazine selects Kevin Cullis’s article “10 Steps to a Mac paperless business” (preview of the article) as this month’s “Featured Monthly Article – Tips and Tricks” in their August 2011 newsletter.

You can see i.Business magazine newsletter here.

Thanks i.Business, I’m honored.

Welcome visitors to!!

Hey visitors, thanks for stopping by my blog site. Hope you enjoy what I offer and stay a while. My guest blog post What Do Fishing and Blogging Have in Common? struck a nerve from the content feedback I got which has NOT been touched by bloggers about getting results.

So, since the feedback I got was crucial to being successful I’ll be writing more content around these issues.

What are your thoughts?

So I’m Inspired, Now What?

This is a guest post from Harry Tucker of

So I’ m Inspired, Now What?

If I were to view the actions of many people, perhaps their actions would be best be described as “Now I’m inspired, so what?”
Today we are blessed with incredibly easy access to an unlimited supply of inspirational material from a wealth of sources. It would seem that the plethora of material available to us in printed form, e-books, daily devotional emails, motivational speakers, audio books and everything else should be transforming us so significantly that we should be happier and more productive than ever.

That’s what they tell us, anyway.

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Collateral online business damage goes both ways

If you have an online business which hosts your eCommerce, or even backs up your data, such as Apple’s iCloud service due out later this fall, you just might get collateral damage if the government comes looking for illegal activity.

The same business disaster can occur if it is an act of God, such as  a tornado, hurricane, or a flood. What most people may not realize is that there are two costs to these type of acts:

  • The cost of disrupting your business, i.e. the loss of income
  • The cost of replacing and restarting your business, i.e. the cost to replace what is lost and to get back up running again.

This comes in two forms of collateral damage.

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