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Apple Event today

Apple’s event today touched on a just a few items: iPhone 5 and iOS 6, a new iTunes and iPods, and a new item EarPod. Let’s take a quick look at what Apple has done. But no means is this an exhaustive look, but a quick overview. More details will come out as we go online and see what Apple posts and the new ones get into the hans of the ubergeeks.

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Considering developing an iPhone/iPad app? Here’s the scoop

One of the factors in any business is how to to get your marketing message out, as well as how to support your business with customer engagement. One of those ways is to develop an iPhone/iPad app for your customers.

Or better yet, think about developing for your customer’s customer.

So, the real question is: How does creating an iPhone/iPad app help you with your business?

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How to get iPhone Voice Memos to your Mac

When you’re on the road or travelling you need to take notes on your iPhone. There are usually three ways: taking notes on the iPhone Notes application, take a Voice Memos audio recording (see my previous blog posts, Dictate on an iPhonenote taking and syncing with iTunes, or taking Voice Memos on an iPhone), or if you have an app that you can do videos, check out Apple’s compare phones web site to see what video differences there are between the 3GS, 4, and 4S.

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On the road dictation: iPhone app Dictate

Nuance Communications

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One of the things startup entrepreneurs do is work to be productive with their Mac and iPhone as a team of tools, a team of tools in your entrepreneur toolbox. In a recent blog post, Business use of iPhone Voice Memo about taking notes using the iPhone’s Voice Memo, I outlined a simple way of recording things while you are on the road. Years ago bosses use to say to their secretary, or maybe to today’s administrative or virtual assistant, “Take a Memo!”

Not any more, it’s more likely the bosses taking their own memos.

You can still use the iPhone’s Voice Memo to record your thoughts as you have them, if you have an idea for another book or blog post. But what if you want to communicate with others.

Now there’s a new solution in town: Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communications.

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Mac, iPhone, iPad: Our future network of devices and information

As an startup entrepreneur using a Mac, we’ve come a long way baby. But the real question is: Where are we going? Well, take a look at Cisco’s The Internet of Things [INFOGRAPHIC] of where we’re been and you can extrapolate where we’re headed.

Now watch how your Mac, iPhone, and iPad connects with this information and you’ll get a good idea of what will happen in the near future.

Question is, will you be the next Facebook, Twitter, or other tech company designing products for Apple products?

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