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Why is this a blog post? Because as one who thought I had to go through the route of MAYBE finding a publisher and MAYBE getting my book into the market, independently publishing your book is THE way to launch a new career or resurrect one.

So to answer the question. You bet! Check out Amanda Hocking’s blog about her selling over 900,000 books and not going the traditional publishing route, i.e. finding a publisher and allowing them to sell her books. She has gone ebooks and independently published her books. But, and here’s the big bug, she’s been writing since she was a preteen and is now 26!

In other words, she’s put in the work to get there. But what does she have to do now? Learn how to manager all of her success, like paying taxes on the money she is earning, keeping long lost friends from becoming friends again. There’s more responsibility and she’ll learn, I have not doubt.

Go Amanda.

Enjoy her blog post, does it give you some ideas?

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