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Any startup entrepreneur runs across periods of time where they can get some things done while waiting or they’re on the road. Texting can take a lot of time and sometimes the “fat finger” issue with typing makes matters worse. My wife is a realtor and she’s on the road a lot and “has time” and would like to answer her email on the road, but can’t text or type. Well, here’s a way around that: iPhone Voice Memo.

Wherever you are “on the road” in your car, at your local car mechanic getting your car worked on, or picking up your kids from school or the daycare center, you can use the Voice Memo app to record your thoughts for later retrieval and sharing with your customers, vendors, family members, or other contacts.


Here are the simple steps of using iPhone Voice Memo:

  1. Record iPhone Voice Memo – record each of your messages in the iPhone Voice Memo application.
  2. Download Voice Memos with iTunes Sync – getting back to your Mac, sync your iPhone with your Mac. Your voice memos will show up in the iTunes > iPhone > Voice Memo Playlist > 20070715100312.m4a (year/month/day/hour/minute/second is the name of the file) as well as Music > Artist (iPhone) or Genre (Voice Memo). You’ll need to find the file in your Music section. You can do other things while your Mac is syncing your voice memos to your Mac.
  3. Drag and Drop voice memo file Рdrag and drop the voice memo file from your Music collection to your desktop.
  4. Mail application – attach your voice memo recording to an email in Apple’s Mail program and send.
  5. Delete the voice memo file (Optional) Рyou can now delete the voice memo from your  desktop and Music collection as it is probably no longer needed, but you can skip this step if you need a record of your comments for legal reasons.
There you have it. Now go forth and get more productive.
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