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One of the key factors in starting a business is whether or not you need to have a business plan. It becomes the chicken or the egg issue. Some have started without a plan and done well, others have a great plan and have failed. So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Do the plan anyway!

Guy Kawasaki in his blog states about pitching your business via 10/20/30 rule is the start of your business, your business plan comes next.

The end result is not the “plan” itself, but the “planning,” the actual homework put into going into business that makes the difference. But before you get to the plan, you need the pitch first, get your hands dirty before you find out that you may not have any customers to sell to.

One of the ideas as to whether something works or not is how you present it. Two of the more interesting books that cover this are “Made To Stick” and “The Back of the Napkin” books that help get your idea across to others.


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