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Fresh off of the results Hurricane Irene and the Colorado and Virginia earthquakes, the question for every business owner is: Would you survive a disaster to your business?

Are you prepared for a disaster?

In business parlance it’s called business continuity. Can you continue in business if you’re struck with a disaster?

What most people may not realize is that there are two results to every disaster that hits a business:

  1. Loss of revenue/income to the business, i.e. work stoppage, such as a Mac hard drive crash.
  2. Expending time and/or money or going into debt to fix the problem.

While building your business is essential, preparing for and preventing problems is a part of building and protecting your business, but there are a few areas which require your attention:

  • Protecting the data on your Mac’s hard drive.
  • Protecting you Mac from being stolen and from harm.
  • Protecting your business, and that includes you, in case you’re hurt, which means thinking of having multiple streams of income in case one or more goes down.

I go into more details in my book How to Start a Business: Mac Version on pages 19-21 about the aspects of business continuity and your Mac as well as other aspects of your business. Watch for my Labor D…, er. Startup Day Offer on Sept 5-7th. Now’s the time to get prepared.

But here’s Google’s blog post “Using technology in crisis preparedness” for startup entrepreneurs on how you can further use technology to help you get through your work slow down or stoppage.

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