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Early in my writing career, i.e. when all I had was an idea and just started writing not knowing where it would lead, I thought I was thinking big enough.

Little did I know that I did not think big enough, but that’s par for the course when you start down a new path of your talented life. You mostly can only see just a little bit down the road of life, but you can believe further down that road.

So, what was this “not thinking big enough” problem and my book and blog?

Well, one day I was listening to a teleseminar with a prominent PR firm and a very successful author. Not successful like the Harry Potter series, but successful in the fact that they were able to make a very good living helping others with their books.

As I was listening to the teleseminar the host and guest both discussed the issue that as a writer, it’s never about the book, it’s about the content.

Huh? What? I didn’t catch that. What do they mean?

As they discussed this concept it finally began to sink in what they were talking about.

Your book, i.e. the content you write and own, can become:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Consulting
  • Videos
  • Etc.

And, it could also become a host of other income streams for you as a writer.


But another issue hit me in the head as I was listening: I’m was now no longer just a hoped-to-be-author, but a true business owner.

Uh oh!

Now that is the scary part. While at first I worried about this part with the many “What Ifs” that ran though my mind, over time I began to fret less and less about it as I grew in knowledge about business and writing.

As I worked on my blog it became clear that I was half way home in this part because my blog became part of my writing business.

And now, what I have come to realize that not only does my blog support my book, but my blog can become a book. When you write about 250-1,000 words for each blog post, put together about 75-100 blogs post that are popular and you have the makings of a book to sell.

Why? Because not everyone likes to read online, but having a book in their hands just does something to the brain that’s a very different reading experience than holding a mouse or an iPad in your hand.

So, here’s how it works:

  • Book to Blog
  • Blog to Book
  • Both to Business

Live and Learn!

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  1. Want to really partake on this blog in order to be a contributor or here selling my stories, but really wish i get a help from you on how to go on with it. thanks and remain great. after making myself true, wish all my friends to know about this life changing site as i may call it. thanks

  2. Joshua, first, you need to find the right place to let others know of your stories, my site is not the one. You need a fiction site, a site for writers, or some other site, but my site is for Macs and entrepreneurs.

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