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I was recently discussing the many aspects of business with a close friend of mine and in a round about way the subject matter of our discussion touched on two subjects: One was of the subject matter of what you love to do and the other is the aspects that you either have to do or loath to do, but still needs to be done nonetheless. This is for a job, work, or as an entrepreneur. It boiled down to these two issues:

Boo-yah and Boring.


A quick definition of Boo-yah: an exclamatory statement, often said when someone is extremely overjoyed.

This is what you LOVE to do what you love to do. This in most cases is the craft of your business, i.e. graphic art, law, medicine, taxes (yes, some people LOVE to do taxes), and a host of other talents that you and others might have. It’s that part of you that if you didn’t do it and do it most of the time you’d either become faint of heart or lose your heart altogether. It’s what motivates you on a daily basis.


A quick definition of boring: not interesting; tedious.

Too often this is the overlooked part of doing a business, the stuff you don’t like to do, or even have a loathing of doing it, but it needs to be done nonetheless. In fact, it can cost you money, lots of it, if you don’t understand it.

In my many discussions with wantrepreneurs or just started entrepreneurs there is this avoidance of doing the less glamorous aspects of doing a business. It comes in many areas of a business: taxes, marketing, sales, and other tasks that people just do not want to face up to.  I even suggested a class to a highly technical area about discussing business and the person told me that it had failed because it was “too businessie” for that sort of crowd?


One thing I’ve learned as I have started my own business and as I’ve grown in my understanding of what really matters in marketing and business is that long term success depends on developing a serious affection for numbers. And a number that hits home for every business owner is PROFIT – which is how much is left to put in your pocket after paying all the bills and costs of doing business?

And don’t forget, after profit comes what happens with growing your business? Do you have enough profit to weather an economic downturn or enough to grow your business more?

You need to do it all, or at least pay someone to do the things you do not like to do, but are a requirement to get done. It’s about our responsibility to serve others and have others serve us in making a living.

Boo-yah + Boring = Bucks

In the end, it’s about getting it all done, whether you do it or hire someone to do it for you, it’s all there, now whether or not you get it done or are successful is a matter of how much you’re willing to tackle these business issues.

Get my book How to Start a Business: Mac Version, at least I have taken a bit of the tedious parts of this bad tasting medicine you need to take and made it easier to swallow.

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