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When you’re working in a job or doing a job, you only see what is in front of you, rarely looking up or taking the time to see what is around you. Here is a perfect example of someone that not only shows, but demonstrates to others the potential and possibilities that are in front of them.

Having been in a “rough place” before, I know what it means to not be able to look up from where you are because things are weighing heavily upon you and those around you. But when someone comes along and enters into your life, don’t keep looking down, pause and listen and look around, because a new opportunity just might be in front of you. But if no one is around you, YOU have to take some responsibility to pause and look around.

So when you’re having your chocolate fix for the day, think of these farmers, who are really entrepreneurs, but they have not made the mental leap to see something bigger.

They didn’t ask: WHY?

Why do people want these cocoa beans? What do they do with them?

Entrepreneurs are curious, but you can become curious, if you change your mind’s eye and look around for opportunities.


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