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I just got back from a charter school presentation in my local Public School system. It seems like that were a few “plants” in the crowd, and I don’t use the political term here, although it could apply because I was not able to find out where some of them worked and why they asked such poor questions of the potential school board. But the “plants” I’m referring to are those individuals who are mentally “planted” in one place and do NOT want to move. They refused to change, to improve, to do better than what is currently happening.

Why do I consider the parents questions poor and while the “plants” need to drop a few new seeds on the ground and let these new seeds sprout? Well, let’s allow Steve Jobs give an answer to what I saw.


And that, my friends, is why I consider their questions so ill prepared, negative, and cynical toward a small group of people trying to change the current status quo.

One of the interesting phrases used was “standards.” The parents were interested in if there were any standards that the charter school was going to meet. Let me tell you about these so called “standards” that people are concerned about.

As an entrepreneur, what I encounter in the market place compared with what both K12 and Higher Education curriculum is teaching is 5-7 years BEHIND what entrepreneurs are currently doing today in the real world. So in essence, the main body of content being taught to YOUR kids in all of YOUR schools is actually NOT PREPARING them to enter the workforce now!

It’s the parents fault: For not expecting more from the school boards, for not getting involved in their kids learning, and rather than watching reality TV, go CREATE a new reality with new products and services.

It’s the School Board’s fault: For not keeping the schools accountable to what the market is doing.

It’s the teachers fault: For not focusing on what inspires and motivates the kids to do for the rest of their lives.

It’s the businesses fault: They do not get involved in the schools to mentor the kids and mold the schools’s content to fit what kids need today to make it.

If you want to learn about “standards,” why not take a new look at them, TED.com and “Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement”:

Barefoot College is SOLVING PROBLEMS!! Now that is a school I can get behind

Charter schools all the way for challenging the status quo!!



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  1. Thank you! That is what our goal and desires are, to CHALLENGE the status quo, not live up to them! I’m giving MacStartup to the school board so they will get uprooted! carltonacademyllc.org

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