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Here’s the times for your local time zone:

  • 07:00AM – Hawaii
  • 10:00AM – Pacific
  • 11:00AM – Mountain
  • 12:00PM – Central
  • 01:00PM – Eastern
  • 06:00PM – London
  • 07:00PM – Paris
  • 09:00PM – Moscow
  • 02:00AM – Tokyo (June 7th)

OK, if you’re an startup entrepreneur using a Mac you’ll want to watch, or at least visit, a number of sites that are blogging about what’s happening at Apple’s WWDC. I’ll post only the highlights and brief commentary about what I see from a business perspective, not a consumer.

As an initial comment, Apple tends to favor the consumer model of it’s hardware more so than the business. They are tackling the business market, but not at the level that I consider it worthwhile: Solopreneurs and Mompreneurs.

If you go to MacSurfer.com and visit the General Interest you’ll a number of bloggers and web sites that will write about what’s happening.

Commentary: Updates are happening:

1. Mac OS X Lion (Available in July): 250 Added Features (Apple’s Top 10, your mileage may vary, mine usually does):

  1. Multitouch Gestures
  2. Full Screen Applications
  3. Mission Control
  4. Mac App Store
  5. Launchpad
  6. Resume
  7. Auto Save (great for version control during collaboration) (9)
  8. Versions
  9. AirDrop
  10. Mail

Upgrade through Mac App Store: $29.99!! That’s a steal!!

2. iOS 5 for the iPhone and iPad (Ships this fall for users, the SDK seed is available now):

  • 1500 new APIs (coder talk for code that makes it easy for programmers to write their code)
  • 200 new user features
  • 10 Key Features: 1. Notification Center 2. Newstand 3. Twitter 4. Safari 5. Reminders 6. Camera Updates 7. Mail 8. PC Free (OTA – Over The Air) 9. Game Center (“In just 9 months we have 50 million Game Center users. To put that into perspective Xbox Live has been around for about eight years and they have around 30 million users.”) 10. iMessage

3. iCloud (Ships this fall with iOS 5):

  • Sync across all platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac. Cal, Contacts, books, purchased music, photos and videos, device settings, and App data as well.
  • Documents/apps/music/photos/etc. in the Cloud. Pages, automatically uploaded to the cloud. “Works across all iOS devices, and Macs and PCs too.” (My question: what if I don’t want to use Apple’s iCloud system as a business person?)
  • iTunes Match – syncs all of your music between your devices, but only for 30 days will it hold onto your data. Means you need to ensure you download them to your Mac and iPhone/etc. devices so you don’t lose them. Think of it as automatic deletions.

Since the Apple Store was not “We’ll be back soon” yellow sticky is is presumed that these will release this fall, after the school sales ending the first week or second in September. Also, since  I was personally waiting for the new iWork and the iCloud  is not until this fall, it looks like I’ll have to wait another 3-6 months for it to “sync” with the other devices.

I’ll be cleaning up the post throughout the day as I get clarity around these subjects. Watch for updates later in the day or tomorrow.

You can watch the whole event at Apple’s 2011 WWDC video.

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