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When you are working with Pages you want to use a table of data, but there is a problem? You can only use the table “Inline” of the document and can not use it natively as a “Floating” graphic that allows your content to move around it, especially if it is a small table that might look better if it was off to the side of your document content. Well, here’s a work around.

  1. Open up the Numbers application.
  2. Either create the spreadsheet or table in Numbers and get it looking like you’d like it to look or open a previously created spreadsheet. Ensure all of the fonts, colors, results, labels, headers and footers are exactly the way you want it to look to your customer. Now you are set to create the graphic.
  3. Highlight all of the items in the spreadsheet that you want, or leave out items that you don’t want them in your graphic, and select Copy from the menu.
  4. Open up Preview and select “New from clipboard” and all of the items you have selected will show up in Preview as a PDF.
  5. If you need this graphic on a regular basis saved it as a file.
  6. From the Edit menu or using  your keyboard select Copy.
  7. Move to Pages and locate in the document where you want to place the new created graphic and select Paste.
  8. In Inspector now click on the Wrap Icon and decide on what you want to graphic to do.

You’re done! You now have a graphic that you can size in Pages that will go with whatever you are writing about and it will retain the image of the data you want to show.

If you need to, you can paste the Numbers spreadsheet directly into your Page document and you can now edit all of the data if you need to change things, but sometimes that’s not exactly what you want to do.

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Apple Pages: tables as graphics using Numbers — 1 Comment

  1. This is a very long way around a very simple “paste special” function which for some reason has not been incorporated into Numbers which makes it an irritating someware to use. Looks pretty though.

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