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As a budding author, entrepreneur, and startup business owner I have had the opportunity of learning how to create a Table of Contents in Apple’s iWork Pages. It’s not that difficult at all. Here’s the steps.

  1. Size your document/book. This means that you need to select a size of your document or book to the dimensions that you want. If it’s a school paper, then its 8.5″x11″ and you need to do nothing. If it’s a 6″x9″ Trade sized book you need to go to Inspector > Document > Document tab > Page Setup and then select Custom and create the correct size document.
  2. Insert text and header text. Type in or cut and paste some text and header text into your new document.
  3. Paragraph styles of headers. Using paragraph styles select the type of header text style sheets you need to use them as the focus of your Table of Contents. If the TOC does not show up, here’s the step that needs to done.
  4. Create your Table of Contents. You need to insert a page breakĀ at the beginning of your documentĀ so that your Table of Contents is at the front. Place the cursor at the front of your document. Next, go to the menu Insert > Table of Contents and it will insert the TOC in your document.
  5. Refine your Table of Contents. Go to Inspector > Document > TOC and begin to decide on what you want to show in your TOC by clicking on the boxes of each paragraph style sheet you want to show up.

There you have it. That was easy.

Now be aware that you TOC will only change when you change the header text in your document AND then click on the TOC and both the pages and header text will change.

In addition, the TOC can be changed fontwise compared with the rest of your document so it can be unique.


Apple iWork Pages: Create a Table of Contents for a book or paper — 6 Comments

  1. I inserted a new section, and it does not show up on the TOC.
    I did select the name of the new section, went to Text, and then “More,” and changed the style to “heading 1.” I also went to TOC and clicked “Update.” Still, nothing new in the TOC.
    Also, the TOC font can be changed, but each time I click on it, it changes back.

    • Three issues I see:

      1. You need to go to the Inspector > Document > TOC tab and click on the paragraph style to have it show up in your TOC, this is important when you’re adding or deleting the heading you want to show up in your TOC.
      2. Inserting a new section is starting a new section, but you have to have a “Heading 1” in the new section to show up in the TOC. Next, you need to click on the TOC to update what you changed in your document, i.e. if you edit a heading, go to the TOC and click on the TOC and it will update to reflect the change you made.
      3. Paragraph styles, including the TOC styles, can be adjusted. The question becomes: Do you want to make a slight, temporary change, such italicizing just one word in a paragraph, or do you want to make a permanent change, such as increasing the size of the font? Under the View > Show/Hide Styles Drawer, when you place your cursor in a paragraph it shows a black triangle when you mouse over the Body style name. If you italicize one word in the paragraph and you place your cursor in the word, the triangle turns red. That indicates you have overridden the style you created and you need to do nothing else. In order to affect ALL of your paragraphs, such as changing the font size, you need make the font size change (the triangle will turn red) and then click on the triangle and select “Redefine Style from Selection” menu. Now all of your paragraphs will reflect your new selected style. This workflow is the same for both the Paragraph styles and TOC styles.

      • One thing at al time …

        I inserted a new section to the document.
        The Paragraph style is checked on the Document/TOC. And all the other “heading 1” text shows up in the TOC; just not the text from the new section added.

        When inside the new text, I did go to the title headings themselves, double-clicked on them to highlight them, and then went to “Text” and then to “More” and then to “heading 1” to change the paragraph style. But it doesn’t show up on the TOC, even after I click the “Update” tab.

        • Ah, the TEXT of the document headers or paragraph styles show up in the TOC, but the TOC STYLES are as you choose, i.e. the TOC is a completely different set of style sheets, so you have to copy the styles from the document styles into the TOC styles. That so you can have a different style of TOC from your document.

          • Thanks to your earlier post, Kevin, I found the solution. The styles change from the pull-out drawer rather than from the Inspector/Text menu. (While it looks like an author can change the paragraph style on the Text/More page, and in fact the tab can be changed to reflect the paragraph style, it does not actually change the style in the document itself.) Only the Styles Drawer gets that to happen.

          • Ah, I always work from the styles drawer rather than from the menu, that’s how most of my comments apply. Sorry that I had missed that “first things first” part, but glad you got it fixed.

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