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Apple’s event today touched on a just a few items: iPhone 5 and iOS 6, a new iTunes and iPods, and a new item EarPod. Let’s take a quick look at what Apple has done. But no means is this an exhaustive look, but a quick overview. More details will come out as we go online and see what Apple posts and the new ones get into the hans of the ubergeeks.

  • iPhone 5 and iOS 6: everything is new: all aluminum and glass (white or black), 18% thinner and 20% lighter, A6 processor, 4 inch Retina display screen while taller but same width, iOS 6, better camera, better audio, Lighting connector, LTE cellular, better battery, Maps, iCloud integration, better Siri, etc.
  • iTunes and iPod: iTunes: managing your songs, buying songs, and browsing new stuff. Available in October. iPod Nano: Thinner; ┬álarger screen; home, volume, and play/pause buttons; Nike+ better integration; Lighting connector; colors; etc; iPod Touch: everything similar to the iPhone 5.
  • EarPods (New Item): “Conforms” to your ear, but does not seal it for the best sound experience.

You’ll be able to view the whole video of the event later today at Apple.com.

While Apple always does a good job of creating great products, being an entrepreneur the iPhone is the only thing that makes sense as the rest of the improvements are meant for consumers, although working for yourself these improvements help you when you work alone.


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