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Apple has recently announced that they’re discontinuing their XServe hardware for businesses on Jan 31st, 2011 and letting them move to either a Mac Pro or a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard Server. Some people in the tech industry just cannot connect the dots.

Apple is probably moving toward a Amazon S3 server approach with their own version in their new server farm in NC. Why? Because there are a number of reasons for businesses to move toward this.

  • Businesses don’t have to worry about hardware issues, i.e. where to host the server.
  • Offsite location so the server is protected from most natural disasters (tornados are the largest issue, but not likely).
  • Scalable as needs come up.
  • Location not an issue for sys admins, developers, etc.

And if you’re looking for a server for your business, you can figure a lot more reason why.

So let’s see if my connecting the dots shows up correctly by next year.

Your thoughts?


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