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Yep, I’m sending out an SOS to all entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and wantrepreneurs.

What is my SOS?

It’s not difficult, but it can be costly if you’re not prepared. What is my SOS?

It’s….. it’s…… it’s……

Shiny Object Syndrome!

As one that wants to connect, promote, and help those that want to start their own businesses, I have had my fair share of SOSes in my life. Chasing after what I presumed and assumed that something would work for me. It also shows in the twin of SOS as  “The Next Big Thing.”

That is what Shiny Object Syndrome is. Chasing clouds of solutions that turn out to be sometimes, “Move along, there’s nothing here.”

Why do I say this? Here’s why.

First, I recently I came across a startup organization. I thought, “Cool, hanging out with others that are like-minded” When you’re in a moment of change  and pivot into another direction you look for like-minded people who can support your new direction and initiative. In some cases, it feels like “coming home” or putting on a familiar piece of clothing or visiting a place that has good memories.

Finding this organization I am also eager to see what it is going to do since it devotes its efforts to startups and those willing to take a chance at changing and improving the lives of others. Just like me. The problem?

This national organization announced its start over a year ago from an organization that I may not like to associate with. They are beginning to have a lot of backing and sponsorship, but as the more they grow its beginning to make me wonder if I should:

  • take the time to do further investigation to see what they are up to,
  • jump in and ignore my instincts,
  • or ignore it and move on in another direction looking for others to connect with?

Second, one of the organizers during an event talked about helping start another organization to “counter” one that I personally believe in. This is not a good sign to me.

But, I’ll continue to move forward.

Because sometimes solutions work, sometimes they do not.

But if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, and the shiny object is probably fool’s gold.

So I’ll just plug along to see if there is any ROI on this network of people.

I just won’t jump in with both feet.

And you? How do you determine new opportunities?


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