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Here’s the quote from the web site: “Now HCL’s CEO Vineet Nayar has gone on record with some controversial remarks about the quality of American technology college graduates.¬†Tired of hearing stereotypes about Indian tech grads, Mr. Nayar, speaking before an audience of business¬†partners in New York City, blasted American tech grads as ‘unemployable’.”

The article adds “He elaborated that he views American tech grads as inferior to those from India, China, and Brazil as the Americans only want to ‘get rich’ and dream up ‘the next big thing’.¬† He says students from countries like India, China, and Brazil are more willing to put the effort into ‘boring’ details of tech process and methodology, such as ITIL, Six Sigma, etc.”

As an entrepreneur you can do both, work the details and get rich, but to only “get rich” without doing the work you’ll only have our money taken away by smarter people.

Where is the problem? The “CEO of a major Indian corporation sounds off on what he sees as educational inadequacies” by the American system.

Your thoughts?


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