Why to Start a Start up in a Bad Economy by Paul Graham

I enjoy Paul Graham’s insights to startups and entrepreneurs.

His article “Why to Start a Start up in a Bad Economy” is great reading. Here’s his schtick:

“The economic situation is apparently so grim that some experts fear we may be in for a stretch as bad as the mid seventies.

When Microsoft and Apple were founded.

As those examples suggest, a recession may not be such a bad time to start a startup. I’m not claiming it’s a particularly good time either. The truth is more boring: the state of the economy doesn’t matter much either way.”

And you can see Jerry Kaplan discuss “The Best Time to Start a Company is When Nobody Thinks it’s Possible” at a Stanford’s Entrepreneur’s Conference

It’s sort of like having a kid, there is not a “best time” to have one, you just do it.

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