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As always there are a number of ways of getting your marketing message out to others and social media one one route. I’d like to thank Mark Hayward for his take as I’ve translated his info into Mac specific ideas and areas. Hey, my ideal customers are Mac users or potential Switchers that want to use Macs for their startup.

  1. Customer Feedback: Tell your customers “Thank You” that sing the praises of your business on web sites and respond professionally to those that did not like what you offer and see if you can make amends to their situation.
  2. Vendor/Helpful Feedback: if you have been helped by someone and it did not cost you anything, thank them publicly for their help via your blog, Facebook, or some other means. You don’t have to mention that it was free to you, but extolling their experience to others builds up them and your credibility with others.
  3. Register with HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and respond to those requests that fit your profile of your business.
  4. If you’re a Mac person, search for Mac, mac, or #mac and connect with other Mac users or someone in your field¬†and RT their Mac or specific industry comments to others by promoting their efforts and good comments. Nothing like seeing your name by others who think you send out good info.
  5. Find Mac specific forums, which number fewer than the Windows world, and begin making positive and helpful comments to get some credibility.
  6. Create a Flickr account (a Yahoo account is needed first) and tag a number of of your business photos and upload them via iPhoto to your account. This creates a “separate” account in iPhoto and shows which ones you have uploaded to your account.
  7. Create a “Customer Fan Blog” and use iPhoto to get and manage all of your customer’s pictures and their business and post a story about each of them.
  8. Set up Twitter Search and Google Alerts to track the response (hey, can’t change this part, it’s already good enough). However, if you use TweetDeck for the Mac or iPhone it makes it easy to automatically track comments about certain subjects.
  9. Educate your customers about your business via a blog.
  10. Create a Facebook fan page, but there are some limitations as to using this.
  11. Rewrite your “About” page (Oh man, do I need to do this). As Mark points out, here’s a good link to good info by Skelliewag. Interesting, she does not take her own advice on her “About” page. Maybe not enough time like all of us.
  12. Write a guest blog and post back to your blog.
  13. Think creatively about how your blog and web site  stacks up among the search engines.
  14. Think about who your “Ideal” customers are, not “everyone” that could buy from you. Concentrate and write for them, not everyone. Create our marketing toward them and them only.
  15. Using either Photo Booth using iSight, iSight using iMovie, or a video camera and import into iMovie a video of you and your business and upload to YouTube. Check out YouTube’s copyright Terms of Service (TOS) as what you upload may be lost to them earning tons of money from it.


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