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One of the facts about being a startup entrepreneur is having to save information for both taxes and your business. Because the Mac is UNIX based, Postscript and the resulting PDF capabilities are at the foundation of printing. That being the case, the Mac makes it easy to keep track of your documents using this PDF technology. But combining them with other technologies makes your job easier. Here’s how.

1. Identify andĀ Organize folders for your Documents. Here you need to make sure that you identify and make folders that you want your critical document PDFs to be saved, such as web and other receipts, vendor documents, financial folders such as tax records, contracts or other legal documents, or online backup locations such as MobileMe, Mozy or DropBox folders. Each identified folder will be important as you’ll need this location for the next steps.

2. PDF “Edit Menu.” Do a CMD+P and you’ll see in the bottom left corner a button titled PDF with a drop down arrow. The “Edit Menu” is the last menu item. Select it. A window will show up with the customary + and – button in the bottom area.

3. The + and – button. Here is where you determine what you’re doing. You can simply add, hit the + key, a folder to the list, such as a receipts or Mozy/Dropbox folder, OR, you can add an Automator workflow to the menu.

3a. Online/offline backup. If you select the + button and point to MobileMe, Mozy or Dropbox online folder, any future PDFs that you select this folder will send any document to this folder andĀ will automatically be backed up, if you have previously set up these programs. If you have Time Machine then you can select a separate folder that all of your PDFs will go in and they will be backed up. If you’re using Dropbox, it’ll backup immediately, Mozy will backup at your set backup time.

3b. Automator workflow. The Automator application (and downloadable examples) allows you to create a number of actions with the PDF, a little more complicated, but if you do things frequently enough, it’s a time saver.

There you have it. A one step to saving your important PDF documents.

What are YOUR solutions?


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