Kid entrepreneurs solved their own problem

When you have a desire to do something, a strong desire, you’ll find or make a way to accomplish your goals, They may seem rough goals, unattainable goals, but goals they are.

Saying yes to your dream means that you’re opening up to the possibilities that what you’re dreaming is seriously possible.

Watch how these kids in the orient take their dream and make it happen.

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It is NEVER too late to start: 70 year old body builder

I hear lot of talk in the media about the “20 over 20″ or the “30 over 30″ years old that are taking names in the area of startups, but you don’t hear much about older folks who change their lives by heading in another direction.

Here’s the story about a 70 year old body builder who’s changing the perception of what “old” is:

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New book project: Transitioning from Military to Civilian life

As I’m finishing up my current book project, just last night I committed to doing another book that I hope to have out after this current one is done, sometime during the summer of 2014.

OK Veterans and their family members, Jimmy Graham (CQD-Denver)Dale Comstock, Max Mullen, Kerry Patton, Robert Butler, David Masters, David B. Rutherford, Zach Ziegler, Mark Devine, and Tim Ziegler, I have taken on a new writing project as of last night near midnight and I’m putting a call out to you guys. My new book project is to help our transitioning service members that are heading into the civilian world, ESPECIALLY the wounded warriors, and prepare them for their “New Mission” in life.

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I’m writing a new book for Entrepreneurs

Well, been a while since I posted, so here is what I have been up to: I’ve been hard at work writing a new book about entrepreneurship, but this time the content is a little different. Having talked with a number of home schoolers, Christians and Jews I have found a dearth of entrepreneurial content for Christians to start their own businesses. In talking with a number of my Jewish friends it’s as if they have a “business gene” in them, but in reality they’ve been taught from the earliest of ages about money, serving your fellow man through a business, and stick-to-itiveness compared with some Christians that I have associated with.

That’s changing now.

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How to view stress as an entrepreneur

When it comes to entrepreneurs, the typical saying is that we get to choose which 80 hours a week we want to work. That’s a lot of hours, and a lot of effort. But with that can come stress. Or maybe not.

Studies have shown that our bodies and their cells have two extremes that affect them negatively: too much effort or stress put on a cell and no effort or stress put on a cell, i.e. if one becomes overwhelmed with things to do versus having nothing to do.

All of us would love to have nothing to do, but that defeats the purpose of one’s life, but do we look for having too much stress? Well, there’s a TED talk about it.

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Movie “Lone Survivor” and the book “Danny: The Virtues Within”

English: Danny Dietz Français : Danny Dietz

Danny Dietz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to a private showing of the Lone Survivor Friday afternoon with Dietz family and their friends.

My movie recommendation: SEE IT!

It is at the level of quality of Saving Private Ryan in terms of telling the story of the brotherhood. But don’t forget, that while the Navy SEALs are the tip of the spear, there are a lot more veterans that are the back story to the SEALs actions and are not so glamorous or action oriented: cooks, base security, truck drivers, administrative personnel, janitors, doctors, nurses, equipment maintainers, not only for the guns they use, but also the transportation vehicles for the troops, and a host of others that are just as  important to keep the tip of the spear ready to deploy. And telling the complete story is all that most veterans ask for, it is the telling of the story so that others might learn of their deeds and actions, not the accolades of hero worship, and that it is a team effort to accomplish the mission. Now on to the review.

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Seth Godin on failing until you succeed

You know, we’ve been brainwashed at school, at our jobs, at companies we’ve worked for. Now it’s time to man up/woman up and become something bigger and better for 2014. Listen to Seth Godin as he tells what we are up against in this new century, that there is more opportunity than ever to do what you love to do. But, you have to open your eyes, your minds, and look for the opportunities to be, do, and accomplish more.

Now is the time, now is the chance to make your own history. Watch and learn.

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