Starting a business means steering your car

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHappy New Year MainStreetpreneuer Fans!

I had a long discussion with a very good friend yesterday. As usual, we were discussing being entrepreneurs and how to get our business moving to making sales and income.

One of the words he used was “efficient,” i.e. not wasting time and money to getting things done. What entrepreneur hasn’t used that word in any conversation. Ever.

But is the real issue being efficient? Or is it to be effective first?

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“Can I have some bread, man?”

breadThere is an attitude among the American people which is killing our abilities to move forward. The attitude is one that not only affects our government, but business and the American people as a whole, those very people which both governments and businesses are supposed to serve.

I read a while back that during the time of George Washington he was in bakery and a poor person came into the bakery and asked for a loaf of bread from the baker. George Washington and the baker looked at each other and knew the man was hungry, but it was what they did next that is the issue.

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Creating a podcast and audio recording on a Mac

ApplePodcastingLogoI have started my own internet radio show about two months ago and a local organization is doing the recording. The production engineer is a Mac guy, but he’s using Logic Pro to do the editing. We’ve had some short discussions about podcasting, which I’ll go into on later blog post, but for now, I need to highlight how to get started on podcasting on a Mac. It seems that I might have more to do with audio recording than I originally thought.

So, here goes with what it takes to create a podcast or an audio recording on a Mac.

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Putting a value on your work, you and others

Krysti Kercher, a graphic artist, posted her discussion in her blog post My Artwork Has Value on how she had to cut her losses with one of her clients because their were devaluing her work, and she was letting them. Good for her for recognizing it. My good friend, Jan, she did a blog post Quality Work Deserves to be VALUED and added her comments about how her clients continue to devalue her efforts, “You don’t appreciate it because you don’t see the value.” These are familiar refrains, but I’ll be extending both of their thoughts and showing how businesses and customers both hurt their causes with their view of business.

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The Sacred and Secular Divide among Christians

As some of you know, I’m writing a book that I’ve titled “Bible Secrets for Startups and Entrepreneurs” and will be out in a few months. Part of what I have done is to research the various attitude and cultures that affect not only me, but those that I work with.

Watch this video and then engage with me about this subject.

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Entrepreneurial survival means you need to self educate

As with any job, work, or business you need learn to get the job and get the job done. But most important is that you need to constantly learn. I was recently at a retreat and a good friend suggest to his friend to contact me for help. He has a good business making good money, but he had one thing he wanted to do.

He wanted to quadruple their sales! From $250,000 to over $1,000,000.

Nothing wrong with that at all, especially in this tight economy, and growing a business is always a good goal to shoot for. But there was a problem that I found that with one question showed the light on the problem.

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First and last impressions: Two different business experiences

IMG_1284You often hear, “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.” But I always look past the first and look at a businesses LAST impression they made on me, I look at the complete experience. Everyone can have a bad day, even a bad week, so it’s a matter of allowing others the flexibility that life does happen.

My wife and I went to the Stapleton farmers market a few weeks ago and we purchased a few things, but what struck me was the differences between how these businesses  interacted with us and the crowd that were mingling around their booths and trucks. I watched their marketing and salesmanship, how they attract me as a customer and how they interact with me, and in one case the differences were night and day.

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